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We Buy Houses in Sunrise FL

Sell Your House in Sunrise Without Realtors, 100% FREE! Check Out How Our House Buying Process Works!

We Buy Ugly Houses Sunrise
Sell Your House in Sunrise Quickly

Selling your house in Sunrise FL can be a hassle. We all know that. Now, imagine if that hassle was taken away, and there was a way you could get your Sunrise house sold quickly and painlessly. You’d jump at the chance, right? We know that we would! That is exactly what we do here as professional home buyers. We provide fair and irresistible cash offers directly to sellers looking to get the process sorted quickly. We don’t need to rely on banks or mortgages to buy houses in Sunrise, so we’re able to close a house sale in as little as 7 days! See what we’re saying?

That Means No Commissions, No Fees, No Closing Costs, No Repairs!

Florida Homebuyers

Sell Your Sunrise House The Easy Way.

It can be pretty tiresome to sell your house the only way you’ve seen done in the past (we’re talking about with an agent). There’s too much uncertainty and vulnerability, and there’s always the potential for someone to swoop in and make convoluted and unnecessarily completed offers. The stress that comes with it all is just too much and we get that! That’s why we cut out the middleman and leave real estate agents in the past! It’s just us and you!

We Provide The Simple Solution!

Selling with us here at The Sell Fast Center in Sunrise couldn’t be easier. It’s the perfect alternative you probably never realized that you needed! From start to finish, we’re on hand to help you through, so you can set your sights on more important things that actually matter to you.

My name is Ana Garcia & along with my team, we will do our best to bring you an offer that works! Just fill in the form below to get your offer started. Remember, it’s 100% FREE and there is never any obligation to accept the offer.

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Would A We Buy Ugly Houses in Sunrise Company Work For My Situation?

We understand that everyone is different, meaning that every one of our customers comes to us with a different story and a different reason for wanting to sell a house in Sunrise FL. Ever since we established ourselves in 2015, we’ve seen it all! If we had to put a number on it, we’d say at least 90% of the valid reasons to sell a house in Sunrise have run through our company and we never shy away from any of our sellers’ reasons. Whatever you might be going through, whatever your situation, we’ve almost certainly dealt with it before and we’ll be able to handle your sale hassle-free just like it was any other. We’ll list a few of the situations where we helped homeowners get out of their sticky situations and buy their new house, apartment, vacant lot, or multi-family property in Sunrise FL:

You are underwater on your payments

You missed too many payments and facing foreclosure

Tenants destroyed the house and caused code violations

A relative passed away and you need to probate the estate

Water and Mold damage from previous hurricanes

Divorce settlement court ordered you to sell the house

And The List Goes On…

If you’ve experienced something like any of these situations, or similar, then get in contact with us! The sooner you can take that plunge and face your issue, the sooner you’ll get that solution you’ve been striving for.

We Will Buy Your Sunrise FL Home In ANY Situation Or Condition

How Do I Sell My House Fast in Sunrise?

To answer this question, we really only need two words: use us. However, if we’re going to give you the information you deserve, then you should know that there are many ways to sell your house in Sunrise, but the fastest and most effective is to sell it directly to a cash home buyer in Florida (again, we’d like to mention us as your best option!) You’ll be able to completely bypass most of the typical issues associated with a traditional agent sale. We have a comprehensive 3-step process that we go through to get our sellers in one end and out the other unscathed. You’ll sleep soundly from the moment you start to the moment we close!

Visit The How It Works Page

Visit The How It Works Page

Check out the page yourself to find our 3-step buying process. It’s so simple, you’ll almost believe it too good to be true. While there, have a look through our case study on the most recent deal too!

Visit The About Us Page

Learn About Our Company

We’re open to all questions. We like to give our customers peace of mind, so if you want to learn more about us, just get in contact! The more you know, the more comfortable you’ll be selling to us!

Visit The Sell Your House Page

  Request Your All Cash Offer

You want to skip all the nonsense and get your offer straight away, right? We understand that! Find out how much we can offer for your house in just 15 mins by calling (305) 964-8223.

Cash For Your Sunrise House – With BENEFITS!

Did you think we’d simply stop at buying your house? Oh no, no, no! At The Sell Fast Center, we value quality service and we understand that to look after our customers’ true needs, we need to go that extra mile to show you how much we care. When you choose us after you say “I want to sell my house in Sunrise“, you should know that you’ve entrusted yourself in good hands and we like the benefits that we provide to reflect that for you!

Cash Offer Within 15 Minutes!

We understand that time is important to you. In fact, we think time is more valuable than money when you look at the grand scheme of things. Our offers can be quoted for you in as little as 15 minutes, making it easy for you to compare if you need to and make your decision when you’re ready! Check out how we calculate our offers here.

Simple 4-Page Agreement!

Traditional agreements are long-winded, painstaking, snooze-fests. We said it. It’s also far too easy for an agent to hide something deep in the agreement under the guise of confusing wording and meaningless pages. Our agreement keeps everything simple and direct, meaning we won’t hide a thing from you. It’s so simple, a caveman could grasp it (we would ask one… but we couldn’t find one). We can even get it sent to you via Adobe Electronic Signature – meaning you won’t even need a printer!

Closing With a Local Escrow Company!

The added sense of security you’ll get with closing with us should be more than enough to sway your decision if you’re still on the fence. For that extra security, you can have your closing documents delivered and signed right to your door, which includes a mobile notary FREE. No travel is required on your part!

Cash Advance Before Closing!

We understand that certain situations can be more serious and require money quickly. For those in need, we offer cash advances before closing to help alleviate some of the added pressure you might be going through during the selling process. We can also move up your closing date through the process (meaning you’ll get your cash even quicker than first expected).

ALL The Fees & Costs Are Paid By Us!

Are we sounding too good to be true yet? Well, there’s even more. Traditionally, seller fees with agents can be almost 4% of your total sale price at the close before taking any commissions – which we see as a total rip-off! We pay for all costs when you sell to us – no questions asked. Even the probate will be covered by us if one is required.

No Cleaning, No Repairs, EVER!

You don’t even have to worry about cleaning or repairs after you sell with us. It can add stress that you really don’t need to be dealing with during the sale. We’ll come in and sort all of that out for you as part of our service. The cleaning and repairs required are on us! No-fuss!

We Cover Moving Expenses & Find You A New Home!

On top of everything else that can feel awfully extortionate about a typical sale, moving companies seemed to have jumped on the bandwagon and ramped their prices up as of late. We will sort the cost of the movers for you. From everything to packing to moving, we’ve got you covered. We even help you to find your next home, so that you don’t have to worry about the search.

Already Have An Offer? Let Us Beat It!

We might not be the first site you’ve stumbled upon (there’s plenty of other cash buyers around after all). But you can bet that we won’t waste your time by lowballing you like some of the others would do. We will beat their offer. We can guarantee it. We don’t have to stress that any more than it needs to be. Send us a copy of the written offer you’ve received and we’ll beat it by no less than $1,000. It’s all about you! We’ll make sure to fill your pockets better than any other cash buyer could.

No Expensive Repairs, No Junk Removal & No Cleaning When You Sell Your House Fast in Sunrise FL

Sell Your House In Florida

We like to say “We Buy Sunrise Houses As Is” because we do. We must stress that we buy your house in AS-IS condition. From dead rats in the Florida room, moldy walls in the kitchen, caved-in ceilings in the bedroom, dust-coated attics, we’ll buy your house in the condition you supply it. No cleaning or organizing needs to be carried out on your part. It is all part of our extensive package to take care of it for you after we close. Talk about convenience! 😉

We Buy Sunrise Houses Using a Quick & Simple 3-Step Process!

Just complete our form online and in 15 minutes you’ll have a Fair Cash Offer from us (with love)! You are under NO OBLIGATION to accept the offer and there’s NO PRESSURE to make a decision. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain – what are you waiting for?

Buy my house MiamiDon’t Waste 8% on Commissions & Fees

Buy my house MiamiAvoid Spending $1000’s on Repairs

Buy my house MiamiSell ASAP & Close 75% Faster

Once you contact us you might as well consider your Sunrise home SOLD. If you’ve been dying to get out and go on that dream vacation, but have been too worried about getting your house sold and not knowing where to start, then start with us! You can take that vacation in no time!

Think of all the money that you’ll save if you use us! All those excessive commission rates and closing costs will be completely wiped out! And all the time that you’ll save too! No walkthrough appointments need booking, no faffing about with endless paperwork. Just us and you, done and dusted. Complete the form and let us start working on your Cash Offer today!

Get an Instant Cash Offer on Your Florida House!

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People Love Us And So Will You

Ready to Sell Your House? We Buy Homes in Sunrise For Cash

You might never have heard of a company like us and the term “professional home buyer” before. On the flip side, you might have heard about it so many times that you’re sick to the stomach and don’t want to hear it anymore. The truth is though, regardless of how you feel, we are the simplest and most pain-free way to sell your house fast in Sunrise without any added and unexpected extra or hoops you have to jump through. Get started now by calling (305) 964-8223 to get more information and get your Cash Offer today.

We Buy Houses in Broward County throughout the city of Sunrise including the following zip codes and neighborhoods: 33313, 33322, 33323, 33325, 33326, 33346, 33351, Capitol Hill, Colony Courts, Flamingo Bay Homes, Gold Key Club, Riverbend, and Sawgrass Estates.

Also, We Buy Homes in the surrounding cities of Broward County and South Florida including Cooper City, Coral Springs, Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Lauderhill, Margate, Tamarac, Pembroke Pines, and Plantation, Pompano Beach, Miami-Dade County.

Stay up to date on the Real Estate market trends in the city of Sunrise by reviewing the Sunrise City Data page. Currently in Sunrise fl, the median sale price is $197,500. The property values are estimated to go up by 1.7% over the next year and there are only 749 properties for sale in the area right now.

Get an Instant Cash Offer on Your Florida House!

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