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We Buy Houses in Pembroke Pines FL

Sell Your House in Pembroke Pines Without Realtors, 100% FREE! Check Out How Our House Buying Process Works!

We Buy Ugly Houses Pembroke Pines
Sell Your House in Pembroke Pines Quickly

These days, it can seem like only the young people with the latest iPhones and newest gadgets know all the cool shortcuts and tricks to getting things done. And if you have a house for sale in Pembroke Pines, we would like to show you the easy shortcut to do that: sell it to us! We are professional home buyers in South Florida and we provide sellers with cash offers directly from the cash buyer (that’s us!). Since we eliminate the “middle man” (Realtors and banks) and personally provide you with a cash offer, we save on costs which means we can pay more for your house and we can close even faster, sometimes in as little as 7 days!

That Means No Commissions, No Fees, No Closing Costs, No Repairs!

Florida Homebuyers

The Easy Way to Sell Your House In Pembroke Pines.

If you have ever tried to sell a house in Pembroke Pines FL, you know how quickly things can get overwhelming. Whether it’s scheduling walkthroughs and open houses with realtors or jumping through hoops for months without ever knowing for sure if the mortgage company will approve the buyers loan by the closing date. And if you are in a difficult situation that caused you to sell in the first place, it can get 10 TIMES WORSE!

We Have The Easy Solution!

Selling a house to us in Pembroke Pines is your super simple alternative. Let us take care of the annoying legwork while you wait comfortablely in peace for your closing date!

Hello! My name is Ana Garcia & along with my team, we will do our best to bring you an offer that works! Just fill in the form below to get your offer started. Remember, it’s 100% FREE and there is never any obligation to accept the offer.

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Would A We Buy Ugly Houses in Pembroke Pines Company Work For My Situation?

They say ‘if you are walking through a nightmare, keep walking’, but what if the thing causing your nightmares is a property you own in Pembroke Pines? If you have a house you want to sell in Pembroke Pines and you are dealing with difficult circumstances, The Sell Fast Center can help you. We have been providing solutions to distressed sellers just like you since 2015. No matter what you are dealing with, we can help because we have dealt with it before. Here are some of the problems we solve when we buy houses in Pembroke Pines fl:

A fire wiped out your whole house and you need to sell

You are having problems with the tenants in your house

You are relocating and need to sell your house fast

A Federal tax lien has been levied on your house

A house you had listed has expired but you still need to sell

You are over 2 years behind on your mortgage payments

And The List Goes On…

As much as I wish you can just close your eyes and all your problems will go away, life doesn’t work that way. The more you ignore a problem property, the worse your situation will get. Rather than start the hard way by involving a real estate agent to sell your house, get a head start on your situation by calling us to present you with a cash offer or to present you with some options. No matter what you have going on, you can get your house sold for a fair price and in the shortest time frame.

We Can Buy Your House In Pembroke Pines REGARDLESS Of Situation Or Condition

How Do I Sell My House Fast in Pembroke Pines?

We can confidently say that the easiest way to sell your Pembroke Pines house is to sell it to The Sell Fast Center. Instead of wasting your time with open houses and walkthroughs or inching towards a closing date when you use a Real Estate Agent to sell your house, you can use a professional home buyer like us to sell your house to. We do not waste time with endless inspections and we do not rely on banks appraisals to buy your house. We move through the process with ease, from top to bottom.

Visit The How It Works Page

Visit The How It Works Page

Check out our How It Works page to see how simple the process would be for us to buy your house. Plus, see our case studies!

Visit The About Us Page

Learn About Our Company

Our company is as transparent as an open book! Check out Our Company page to learn more about us and who we are.

Visit The Sell Your House Page

  Request Your All Cash Offer

Never worry that your time is being wasted with us. We provide offers in just 15 minutes, simply call (305) 964-8223 today!

Cash For Your Pembroke Pines House – With PERKS!

For some people, our company may sound like the holy grail or maybe even that we are too good to be true. We assure you, we are 100% true! When we started this company in 2015, we paid extra attention to the Benefits and Solutions we provide to homeowners who sell us their house. We were also very careful not to let that extra attention complicate our buying process. We hired only the best and the brightest employees who value honest and direct communication. All so that we can be able to guarantee you that when you contact us using a form on our site or by calling our main line saying “I want to sell my house in Pembroke Pines,” you can be confident that you will get your house SOLD effortlessly regardless whether you are looking to sell as fast as possible to whether you are hoping to close a few months in the future.

we buy houses pembroke pines Cash Offer Within 15 Minutes!

Selling your house fast is your top priority and we understand that! We provide cash offers within just 15 minutes of contacting us over the phone or through on of our online forms so you can make a decision faster.

Simple 4-Page Agreement!

We know that the easier it is for you to understand our agreements, the faster you can make a decision and sell your house. Our agreements have no sneaky clauses and only 4 pages long. Hello Transparency!

Closing With a Local Escrow Company!

What’s better than one company working around the clock to get you to closing? Two companies working around the clock! Your entire transaction will be handled at a reputable local title company for your peace of mind.

Cash Advance Before Closing!

Just because you are in a sticky financial situation does not mean you are all out of options for quick cash. We can send you an advance on your closing funds and even move up your closing date so you can get paid faster!

sell my home fast pembroke pines ALL The Fees & Costs Are Paid By Us!

It is customary for the seller to pay docs stamps plus a ton of other random fees when they sell a house in Florida. However, when you sell to us, you can forget those costs because we pay for it all! Even the costs for a probate!

No Cleaning, No Repairs, EVER!

When we buy houses in Florida, we buy to renovate and rehab. This means you can take everything you want and leave the garbage and junk behind for us to worry about! And don’t even think about the repairs – we’ve got that too!

We Cover Moving Expenses & Find You A New Home!

If you have ever used a moving company to pack or move a house before, then you know those costs are INSANE! With us, we will pay for the moving company to pack your stuff and even move it to wherever you want it to go!

Already Have An Offer? Let Us Beat It!

Did you know, we are willing to beat an offer you have by at least $1,000? Try us! Send us a copy of a written offer you have received, and we will send you a cash offer to beat it. That means more money in your pocket!

No Repairs, No Junk Removal & No Cleaning When You Sell Your House Fast in Pembroke Pines FL

If you have owned or lived in your house for a while, it is only natural that you will have accumulated a certain amount of junk or let some things go into disrepair. Luckily, “We Buy Houses In Pembroke Pines As Is” which means that regardless of the current condition that your property is in, we will buy it no matter what!

Sell Your House In Florida

Is there a ton of garbage all over the floor and in the sink? Leave it – we will clean it up after we close! Do you have broken windows or roof caving in from the living room? Leave it – we will fix it up after we close! There is a certain amount of freedom and relief that comes from knowing that you don’t have to figure out where to dispose of old furniture or fix leaky sinks before you can close and move on with your life. And we are happy to provide this convenience for you.

Using a Quick & Simple Process, We Buy Pembroke Pines Houses!

After you complete the form, you will receive a Fair Cash Offer in Your Hands in just 15 minutes! You have No Obligation to accept the offer & You can take your time deciding on what option works best for you with No Pressure to make a decision. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Buy my house MiamiDon’t Waste 8% on Commissions & Fees

Buy my house MiamiAvoid Spending $1000’s on Repairs

Buy my house MiamiSell ASAP & Close 75% Faster

Get The Ultimate Feeling Of Relief When You Get Your Pembroke Pines Home SOLD!

There is an easy way and a hard way to do just about anything in life. For homeowners, selling a house with an Agent and paying expensive commissions and costly closing fees is undoubtedly the hard way. Take the easy way out and sell your house to us for a cash offer today!

Get an Instant Cash Offer on Your Florida House!

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People Love Us And So Will You

Ready to Sell Your House? We Buy Homes in Pembroke Pines For Cash

At this point, you know how much easier it is for you to sell your house fast in Pembroke Pines to a cash home buyer like The Sell Fast Center than to list it with an Agent. All you need to do now is weigh your options and choose which method is the best direction to go for your situation.

Make sure you fill out one of the forms on this page or call us at (305) 964-8223 to get your written cash offer so you can look over the agreement with your attorney or with your family members. Make sure you calculate the hidden costs of selling your house with an agent versus selling your house to a direct homebuyer like us and compare the amount of money you will walk away with after everything is said and done and you close. Compare the pros and cons of each method so you know, from top to bottom, what you are going to go through during the selling process and during the closing process.

No matter which option you choose, we wish you luck in your journey and we are always here to help with anything you may need! 🙂

We Buy Houses in Broward County Florida throughout the city of Pembroke Pines FL including the following zip codes and neighborhoods: 33028, 33026, 33025, 33029, 33024, 33027, 33023, 33031, 33030, 33332, Town Gate, Silver Lakes, and Century Village.

Also, We Buy Homes in the surrounding cities and counties of Broward County and South Florida including Cooper City, Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, West Park, Miami Lakes, Miramar, Plantation, Southwest Ranches, Sunrise, and Weston.

Stay up to date on the Real Estate market trends in the city of Pembroke Pines by reviewing the Pembroke Pines City Data page. Currently in Pembroke Pines fl, the median sale price is $279,500. The property values are estimated to go up by 0.7% over the next year and there are only 961 properties for sale in the area right now.

Get an Instant Cash Offer on Your Florida House!

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